Cross the border with your webshop in 5 steps

After an enormous growth in turnover from webshops in the Netherlands, the Dutch E-commerce market seems to be stagnating at the moment. The Netherlands is overrepresented in web shops and the market share is mainly in the hands of a few large players. What makes the success of these big players? And, how can you, as an online retailer or manufacturer, also conquer a place in this global market?

Abroad offers enormous opportunities and the figures do not lie. Global cross-border e-commerce is expected to grow twice as fast as the domestic market by 2020 . That means: an annual growth of 25% for web shops that do business internationally. Are you an entrepreneur with a successful webshop in the Netherlands or do you produce a product that you want to sell online outside the national borders? Do you want to conquer your place abroad and really grow further? It may sound like an exciting challenge, but the step abroad is often faster than you think.

This white paper shows how you can cross the border with your webshop in 5 easy steps. You will receive answers to questions such as: How do I determine my cross-border strategy? How do I optimally respond to local needs? And: what about practical matters such as fulfillment, shipping costs and settlement of VAT? In other words, what are the 5 steps to successfully expand your business online to new countries.

Met je webshop over de grens in 5 stappen

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