Commercial or pro forma invoice?

You must add a commercial or pro forma invoice for all your dutiable shipments. For a shipment with a commercial value, you need a commercial invoice. In the case of a non-commercial such as a personal gift, a sample or a defective part, a pro forma invoice is usually sufficient. However, the rules may differ from country to country; for some destinations, even gifts and non-commercial shipments require a commercial invoice. Our customer service will gladly assist you.

Tips for a correct invoice

The invoice must in any case contain a detailed description of the goods, with the value of the goods, the delivery conditions and full details of the sender and recipient. For customs it is important that you complete the invoice legibly (i.e. not handwritten) and completely in English. In some countries, customs have specific requirements for the content of your invoice. Also read our tips for drawing up an invoice.

Create your invoice with the Invoice Generator

With our Invoice Generator you can quickly and easily create a commercial or pro forma invoice. It is simply a matter of filling it in correctly and printing it out.
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T1 Transit document

When goods enter the EU, but have not yet been released into free trade because they still have to be transported further within the EU, you need a T1 Transitdocument. These are, for example, goods that do not remain in the EU or that are forwarded onward from the EU via customs storage. Although import duties and VAT have not yet been paid for these goods, they are subject to customs duties. The T1 Transit document is therefore a transit document.