Save Time and Money with Paperless Trade

Save time and money when creating your dutiable shipment, reduce paperwork and make a positive contribution to the environment with DHL Paperless Trade. DHL’s Paperless Trade allows you to transmit your commercial or pro forma invoices online. This free service eliminates the need to print and physically attach customs documents to your shipments. This will save valuable time and printing costs. Also, the digital processing of your documents facilitates smooth processing at customs and a quick clearance of your shipment.

Benefits of DHL's Paperless Trade

✔ Save time - No need to add the physical invoice
✔ Save money - Reduce printing and paper costs
✔ Green - Environmentally friendly thanks to the reduced use of paper and printing consumables
✔ In your style - Adapt the format to include your digital signature and company logo on your invoices
✔ Smooth customs processing - Quick clearance of your shipment

DHL's Paperless Trade
DHL’s Paperless Trade is available for Time Definite services, including Economy Select. Paperless Trade is integrated in our online shipping applications: MyDHL+ and MyDHL API.

You only need to activate Paperless Trade once. Then the option of Paperless Trade will shown automatically as you prepare your shipments. 

Get started!
Paperless Trade is available in MyDHL+ and MyDHL API Getting started is very easy!

  • MyDHL+
    Simply select Digital Customs Invoices and select Enable (if available for the destination country - DHL Paperless Trade is available in more than 150 countries).
    Contact our Electronic Shipping Solutions team via essnl[at]dhl[dot]com (essnl[at]dhl[dot]com) to request DHL Paperless Trade and MYDHL API.

Does your shipment need other document besides an invoice (such as a EUR1 certificate or T1/ Transit document? 
Please contact your DHL representative for the possibilities.

In which countries is Paperless Trade available?
Paperless Trade is available in more than 180 countries worldwide.

Do you have questions about DHL Paperless Trade or our other services? Please contact your DHL representative.