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67.3 Million (2021)




Pond £

The United Kingdom comprises a total of four areas: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The first three together form the island of Great Britain. The majority of the inhabitants (80%) of the United Kingdom live in England. The United Kingdom is the 5th largest economy in the world with a strong financial center. The United Kingdom has been one of the Netherlands' most important trading partners for many years. The most important export products are chemical products and machines. The Netherlands also exports meat, vegetables and fruit.

Doing business in the UK


  • Do not be too direct. Our directness is sometimes experienced as rude and rude.
  • Do not give any criticism, certainly not to the British themselves or to their customs.
  • Do not talk about private matters in the workplace.
  • In the United Kingdom, people are usually fairly formal.
  • The British businessman is very punctual and expects that his visitor is too. Any delay must be reported immediately. Be on time.
  • Ladies are slightly freer in their choice of clothing, but Brits generally do not appreciate an excess of jewelery.
  • Your British host may invite you for a business lunch. An extensive lunch often starts between 12.30 and 13.00 and can take a long time.
  • A business conversation starts and ends with small talk about the journey, the weather and sport.

Trade indicators UK


  • 5th largest economy in the world
  • GDP of $3.131 trillion (2021)
  • Read more about the Brexit

UK and DHL Express

DHL Express en the United Kingdom in figures, find out how many vehicles and employees are part of our global network.

United Kingdom / Netherlands transit times




Transit times Document

1 Day

1 Day

Transit times Non Document

1 Day

1 Day

National holidays UK


1 January
17 March
29 March
31 March
1 April
1 May
25 May
31 August
25 December
26 December


New Year's Day
St. Patricksday
Godo Friday
Easter Sunday
Easter Monday
May Day
Bank holiday
Bank holiday
Christmas day
Boxing day


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