Key facts Brazil

214.3 Million (2021)



South America

Brazilian Real R$

As the largest economy in South America and hoster of major events such as the 2016 Olympics, many companies are interested in expanding their business to this country and continent. Tourism is one of the most important industries. Every year, millions of visitors from all over the world celebrate their holidays in Brazil.

Brazil is the largest country in South America, with its 8.5 million square kilometers it covers almost half of the continent. It is also the fourth largest country in the world, with only the United States, Russia, China and Canada being larger.

The most important export products are cars, planes, textiles and coffee. Many people work in service-related industries or in the manufacturing industry.

Doing business in Brazil

  • The higher the local content, the greater the chances of success
  • Invest in long-term personal relationships and contacts
  • Come back as often as possible, contact counts
  • Learn and speak Brazilian Portuguese; very few Brazilians speak English
  • Brazilians love humor
  • Enter conversations as relaxed as possible and leave room for small talk
  • Brazilians are not always on time; do not confuse that with being rude
  • Do not wear shorts; dress code is usually a jacket with tie

Trade indicators Brazil

  • GDP $1.6 Trillion (2021)
  • World’s 9th Largest Economy

Brazil and DHL Express

DHL Express and Brazil in figures, find out how many vehicles and employees are part of the global network.

Brazil / Netherlands transit times





Transit times Document

3 days

3 days

Transit times Non Document

4 days

4 days

National bank holidays



01 jan.
14-16 feb
15 apr.
17 apr.
18 apr.
21 apr.
01 may
07 sept
02 nov.
15 nov.
25-26 dec


New Year's day
Good Friday
Easter Sunday
Easter Monday
Tiradentes Day
Labour day
Independence day
All Souls'day
Republic day

Brazilië vlag

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