Customs support Temporary entry

What is Temporary importation?

Temporary importation is an arrangement with customs that allows you to import goods with a bond for duties and taxes and to export them again after a certain period of time.

This arrangement prevents you from having to pay import duties. The most common forms of temporary imports are:

  • Goods for repair
  • Exhibition goods
  • Demonstration Goods

Ask your supplier (sender in country of origin) to clearly state on the invoice and on the waybill that it concerns temporary importation. DHL Express will then contact you and arrange the required documentation. The lead time of your shipment can be extended as a result.

DHL Express does not make a temporary entry if:

  • There are no import duties to pay and you have a VAT number.
  • If the goods have a value of less than 250 euros.
  • The shipment has been sent under Incoterm┬« DDP in combination with the DTP billing service.
  • The contents of the shipment cannot be recognized by customs.
  • Any temporary entry requires the necessary follow-up. If you do not re-export the shipment within the agreed period, a final import declaration will still be drawn up. Any additional costs will be charged to you.