Do it yourself

Returning a package with DHL Express is very easy. Drop it off at a DHL ServicePoint or book a pick-up for our courier. You simply choose what suits you best!

How do I do that?

How do I package my return shipment?

  1. Place the item in its original or other suitable packaging.
  2. Close the package.
  3. Stick the enclosed return label on the return packaging.
  4. Remove any old labels or make them unreadable.
  5. If you don't already have a return label, please check the return procedure of the sender. Here you will find information on how to create the return label.

How do I send my return shipment?

Sending a return is very easy. You can drop off your return shipment at a ServicePoint or opt for a pick-up by our courier. If you choose a ServicePoint, you decide where and when you deliver the return. First choose 'send shipment', then all ServicePoints in your area will appear and choose the nearest ServicePoint. With a pick-up, one of our couriers will collect your return shipment from you.


You have a choice

Deliver your return to a ServicePoint

✔ Always a service point close by
✔ Decide for yourself when you deliver your return
✔ Arranged quickly and easily

Find a DHL ServicePoint

Return pick-up by courier

✔ Schedule an appointment
✔ Pick up on location
✔ Express service

Book a return pick-up