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Sending a package? Arrange it quickly and with ease. Online, via a ServicePoint or by telephone. For the best rate and with the most service. DHL Express. Where worldwide shipping begins.

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Fast shipping has never been so easy. With DHL FAST you can send a package or document to the other side of the world at lightning speed. Starting at €17,00 without an account. Take your parcel to a DHL ServicePoint, book the shipment online or call us. Fast delivery for the best price.

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We make sustainability a clear business priority. Through innovation and efficiency in logistics processes, DHL can significantly limit the burden on the environment.

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The correct packaging ensures that the package and product arrive quickly and properly. View the guidelines, practical tips and useful examples.

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Shipping: what is allowed and what is not?

Is it allowed to send perfume or paper money with DHL? Some goods may not be shipped. We know which ones and are happy to help.

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Insured shipping

A precious gift, precious letter or important document. Insured shipping is sometimes a good idea. Shipments with value are in safe hands with us.

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Speed and service for a competitive price. That's what we deliver when you ship with DHL Express. For home or abroad, from door to door and always exactly according to plan.

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