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Poland is currently one of the fastest growing economies in Europe. Many Dutch entrepreneurs are already successfully doing business in Poland. More and more Dutch companies are taking advantage of the various opportunities offered by the Polish economy. The economy in Poland is expected to remain attractive in the coming years.

The main sectors are health care, agriculture and renewable energy and e-mobility. Trade between the Netherlands and Poland has been growing continuously for years, with the main export products being; Electrical appliances, road transport vehicles and plastics in primary form.

Doing Business in Poland

  • Do you want to do business in Poland? Then make sure you are aware of Polish business etiquette and business practices.
  • The business culture is formal. Personal contact is very important. A business deal takes time and requires a lot of patience. At large companies and state-owned companies, you are often received by several people.
  • The Pole is quite formal, so wear appropriate clothing. If you meet someone at the door, don't shake hands above the threshold. This is associated with misfortune. Calling each other by first name comes later.
  • Hierarchy is important, especially in government, state enterprises, and large corporations. The person with decision-making authority actually makes the decisions. Delegation is not the forte of Polish management. The bureaucracy slows down business enormously.
  • Be on time and schedule your appointment at least four to five days in advance. Bet on a long-term relationship. Make clear agreements, do not think too quickly that you and your partner are on the same wavelength. A written confirmation afterwards is strongly recommended.

              Source: Rijkdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (

Economy in Polen

  • Poland is the sixth largest economy in the European Union
  • Poland has 38.5 million inhabitants
  • The country has a territory of 311,888 km²
  • Form of government: Republic
  • Dutch exports to Poland amounted to €13 billion in 2018 and imports to €8.8 billion.
  • Warsaw  (Warszawa) is the capital and largest city of Poland with approximately 1.7 million inhabitants. Other big cities areKrakow (Kraków), Łódź, Wrocław, Poznań, Gdańsk.

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January 1, January 6, April 2, April 4, April 5, May 1, May 13, May 23, May 24, August 15, November 1, November 11, December 25, December 26

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