We would like to remind you of the existing regulations regarding  Cosmetics, Medicines, Supplements, Personal medical equipment & Foods.

Please note that the above items require a license to ship to (and import into) Thailand, with Thai FDA (Food & Drug Association) approval prior to shipment.

The consignee (importer or consignee) must register with Thai customs, and additionally appoint DHL Express Thailand as the customs broker.
To register, the consignee must present himself in person with a valid passport at a Thai customs office in the Kingdom of Thailand.
In case of personal use, a statement from a Thai doctor is required that the items are not for commercial use.

The restriction on what is considered "personal use" by the FDA is as follows:

Customs/FDA allows reasonable amounts for only 1 month of consumption.

Customs/FDA allows reasonable amounts and requires an original doctor's prescription (from a Thai doctor) to confirm that the patient has been examined and the medication has been prescribed.

Medical equipment
i.e. massage equipment, personal test kits, devices that can measure blood pressure or heart rate etc.  The customs / FDA allows 1 item for personal use and requires a doctor's statement (from a Thai doctor) to confirm that the patient needs this equipment for his health .

Customs / FDA allow 6 items.

Customs/FDA only allows reasonable quantities.