As of January 14, 2018, the Israeli customs authorities will be using a new system called the Global Gate System. If your shipment has a value of USD 1000 or less, nothing will change. For shipments with a value over USD 1000,- sent to both business and private importers, the following requirements apply:

  • Israeli importers must be in possession of a so-called unique Smart Card that generates a certified electronic signature for the importer. With the Smart Card, the importer can issue a digital authorization (Power of Attorney) to the customs agent. The Israeli importer must designate DHL Israel as a customs agent by means of the digital authorization. The authorization must have a desired end date. If the Israeli importer is not in possession of the Smart Card, it will have to come personally to the Israeli DHL branch to complete the customs clearance procedure.
  • The Israeli importer must submit a Digital Importer Declaration that describes the nature of the business relationship between the importer and the shipper or involved third parties. This importer's declaration is valid for 1 year per shipper.
  • For every shipment consisting of several packages, you must provide a detailed packing list per package to the DHL courier when you pick up your shipment. If only 1 packing list is drawn up for the entire shipment, this packing list must contain a specification of the contents per package.
  • The Global Gate System will be installed from January 11 to January 13, 2018. During these days, shipments with a value of up to USD 1000 will be released on a limited basis. Shipments with a value over USD 1000 will not be cleared by the Israeli customs authorities during these days. As of January 14, 2018, the relevant shipments will be released through the new system.

Israeli importers have been notified of the above information by the local authorities.