Important customs regulations changes in Europe

The Import Control System (ICS) is the European Union security screening system for goods destined to (or transiting via) the EU, Northern Ireland, Switzerland and Norway.

What you need to know

For shipments to (or transiting via) the European Union, Northern Ireland, Switzerland and Norway, ICS requires screening shipment details electronically

  • At country of departure
  • Before shipments are loaded onto planes
  • At pre-arrival

What this means to you

One of the most important things you can do to help your shipment through the customs security screening and clearance process is to ensure you accurately and specifically describe your shipment items (goods/commodities) when creating shipments in MyDHL+. This detailed shipment information must be provided by the shipper of the goods when booking the shipment. You should therefore also inform shippers about these new requirements.

What DHL Express is doing to help

  • We use dynamic, flexible routing of airplanes to always ensure the fastest possible transit time. That means customs security screening regulations can impact shipments from any origin and to any destination depending on routing.
  • We submit your shipment information electronically to customs authorities before shipments are loaded onto planes

NB; Accurate and specific descriptions of goods are also required for exports outside the EU, because similar checks are carried out worldwide.

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