Track & trace

My shipment shows 'further details' with a (+) next to it. What does this mean?

When tracing my shipment, I receive a notification of a Customs status. What does this mean?

As a DHL customer, can I get a tracking overview of all shipments for my customer number?

My shipment seems to be sent to a different location than the specified final destination

Can DHL keep me informed of the status of my shipment?

While tracking my shipment, I got the error message 'No shipment with this number found'. What does this mean?

When tracing my shipment, the question appears to contact DHL customer service. What is the reason for this?

Can I track my shipment if I do not have the shipment number (on the waybill/waybill)?

when will my shipment arrive?

I have made a new appointment with a new delivery address. Now I see the old address on track & trace, is this correct?