Extra valuable shipments
Insure them

In addition to the standard DHL Express liability, as stated in our General Transport Conditions, you can take out insurance for your extra valuable shipments based on the actual value of the contents. For even more peace of mind! Before sending, it is advisable to keep two things in mind: what is the impact for my company if this shipment is unexpectedly damaged and can I bear the financial consequences myself if the shipment is not insured? Insurance is certainly recommended for expensive shipments with a low weight.

With DHL Express you can take out insurance for your valuable shipments. For a very attractive premium, you are then insured against any damage or loss without deductible (deductible excess). This offers you extra security: DHL Express always treats your shipments with the greatest care, but if something goes wrong due to circumstances, you will be reimbursed thanks to DHL Shipment Insurance the cost price to repair the damage or to replace the product.

You can easily take out DHL Shipment Insurance per shipment when you book your shipment. Simply tick the 'insurance' box when preparing your shipment through your DHL Express online shipping application. Always state the value to be insured.

Conditions and exceptions: consequential damage cannot be insured. Fragile goods must also be properly packed and if you send a shipment with a value higher than € 500,000, you must request prior approval from DHL Express customer service. In addition, the intellectual / content value cannot be co-insured (eg the brainstorming that preceded the design). Detailed policy conditions can be requested through your commercial contact person.

If you send more than 20 shipments per month, you can take out a so-called 'Blanket insurance'. With this you insure all shipments on one account number for one year. With 'Blanket Insurance' you enjoy maximum insurance coverage at an even more attractive premium. Please contact your commercial contact person for this.

Is there damage or loss? Inform DHL customer service as soon as possible via telephone number 088 - 0552 000. Visible damage on delivery must be reported immediately to DHL Express. In the event of damage that is not immediately visible, you must inform DHL Express within 7 days. Any claim must be submitted to DHL Express within 30 days of the shipping date.

Insurance Rate
View the current insurance rate in the Service Guide

Do you have any questions or would you like more information? Please contact customer service or your account manager.