Reduce your CO2 emissions with GoGreen Plus

With DHL Express' GoGreen Plus - Carbon Reduced service, you reduce your CO2 emissions from your air transport. DHL purchases sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) to reduce the CO2 emissions of your air freight, thereby reducing your carbon footprint. 

The process of buying and using SAF is audited annually by an independent auditor to ensure that the process is transparent and that the reduction of CO2 emissions is accurately measured.

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What's the benefit for you?

By choosing GoGreen Plus, you show that your business is committed to sustainability and corporate social responsibility. This can strengthen your brand and show your customers that you are aware of the impact of your activities on the environment.

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From offsetting to insetting

By offsetting, you compensate the CO2-emission outside of your own company. For  example by planting trees. By insetting via GoGreen Plus, you directly reduce CO2-emissions of transportation within your own supply chain. Good to know: companies that will have mandatory CO2 reporting required by the government, can only use insetting as a genuine CO2 reduction method.

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