Faqs How do I calculate the volumetric weight?

What is volumetric weight?
The volumetric weight of a shipment is a calculation that indicates the density of a package. A less compact item usually takes up more space compared to its actual weight. The costs of a shipment are influenced, among other things, by the amount of space the shipment takes up in an aircraft.

Your shipment is weighed in two ways; the actual weight and the volumetric weight. The rate of your shipment depends on the weight in kilograms or volume in cubic meters. Are you sending a large 'lightweight' shipment? Then we calculate with the volumetric weight. After you have calculated the volumetric weight, compare it with the weight in kilograms. The higher of the two counts as the weight of your shipment.

How do you calculate the volumetric weight of your express shipment?
The volumetric weight can be calculated according to this formula: length x width x height / 5000.
DHL Express uses the following volume key: 1m³ = 200 kg.

Calculation example:
You have to send a shipment of 20 kg with the dimensions 75 cm (L) by 40 cm (W) by 40 cm (H).

The calculation is then as follows:

The volumetric weight in this case is higher than the actual weight of the shipment, so the rate is based on 24 kg.


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