With DHL GLOBALMAIL you save time and money
You no longer need to sort or frank your international post; DHL will do it for you. Just hand your international post to the DHL Express courier in the free flyers or boxes from DHL GLOBALMAIL and DHL will take care of the rest. You also benefit from a free returns service for any post that can't be delivered.


  • For all your documents such as contracts, quotes, reports or invoices
  • Also suitable for mail with different formats, such as samples, posters or spare parts with a low value.


  • Germany
    2 - 4 working days
  • Europe
    3 - 6 working days
  • VS & Canada
    5 - 9 working days
  • Other destinations
    6 - 12 working days

* Average delivery times in working days. These take effect after the mail has been processed at the Deutsche Post International Postal Center in Frankfurt/Germany ("IPZ").

3 service levels

Sending is easy

  1. Combine your international post in the free DHL GLOBALMAIL packaging that you can easily order here.
  2. Create a DHL GLOBALMAIL label in your DHL booking tool or complete a pre-printed DHL Express waybill.
  3. The DHL Express courier will collect your international post together with your express shipments.

Do you have any questions or would you like more information? Please contact customer service or your account manager.