An ideal way to start your day
With DHL Express 9:00 you can meet every deadline. A parcel of  spare parts that has to arrive in Rome before 09:00 tomorrow? A signed contract delivered quickly to your supplier in Paris? All sorted. Thanks to the extensive worldwide network of DHL Express, you can manage the process yourself. Your time-critical shipment is given a special label  and is processed with the highest priority within the entire DHL Network.


  • Your shipment is guaranteed for delivery before 9:00 on the day of delivery
  • For your time-critical international shipments
  • Dutiable and non-dutiable shipments parcels and documents
  • Money back guarantee
  • Electronic proof of delivery including signature of recipient
  • Delivery to all major business centres in Europe, Asia, Middle-East, Africa and the U.S.
  • NOTE: DHL Express 9:00 is DHL Express 10:30 in the U.S.

More destinations than any other express service provider
DHL Express 9:00 reaches ever more destinations. Milan, Madrid, Hong Kong and Singapore are all available before 09:00. We are continuously expanding our network to reach more cities earlier in the day. Success is guaranteed due to our local know-how and our unparalleled customs experience.

Keep an eye on your shipment at all times
Our booking tools are suitable for everything: from simply booking a single shipment to extremely advanced systems that integrate shipping into your own processes. DHL Express provides optimum flexibility and ease-of-use. You can also use our Track & Trace tools to keep an eye on your shipments, so you always know exactly where they are.

Everything made easy by our optional service
DHL Express has a wide range of optional services. Such as the option to take out additional insurance to insure your parcel for the actual value of the goods and optional customs services. Each and every one of these services makes sending parcels and documents even easier for you. 

Weight and dimensions


  • Maximum piece weight: 30 kg per parcel
  • Maximum piece dim.: 120 cm (L) x 80 cm (W) x 80 cm (H) per parcel
  • Maximum total shipment weight: 300 kg
  • Maximum pieces per shipment: 10

Pallets are not accepted

Do you have any questions or would you like more information? Please contact customer service or your account manager.