DHL Express Points
The savings program from DHL Express

You save Express Points by making shipments with DHL Express. The more shipments you make, the more Express Points you save and the more benefits you receive. Each €1 is equal to 1 point. By also saving bonus points you will have the number of points for your favorite item in the gift shop even faster. Do you opt for a nice gift from our Gifts category, do you donate your points to a charity of your choice, or do you go with a business relation or your colleagues to one of the great events that can be found in the Experience category?

Your account

Do you want to save Express Points with your company? Please contact your DHL contact person. You will then receive a personal Express Points number with which you can complete the registration of your account. Only after this registration you can start saving Express Points. After your registration you will immediately receive 500 Express Points. That's a flying start!

More information about Express Points

Curious about the savings program? You can also take a look without registration. Find out everything about the savings program and take a look at the gift shop. Which item are you going to save for?

DHL Express Points

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