"On the way to more sustainable logistics."

DHL Express is doing everything possible to reduce CO2 emissions in logistics. Curious about our objectives?

Where are we now?

Send GoGreen Plus

You too can send with GoGreen Plus at DHL Express and compensate for CO2! Save miles, paper and fuel.

Ship with GoGreen Plus

More sustainable transport

How does the DHL Express fleet contribute to reducing CO2 emissions? DHL is at the forefront when it comes to logistics and sustainable transport, from bicycle to truck and even air fleet!

From bicycle to truck

Sustainable building

From solar panels to gray water, we also contribute to our environmental objectives with our buildings. New buildings meet the requirements of BREEAM, the highest attainable degree of sustainability.

BREAAM and more

ISO certificates

In the field of Quality Management and Environmental and Energy Management, we meet the high requirements of ISO and are therefore ISO certified.

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