Indicate your delivery preferences using the free DHL Express Mobile App. As the receiver, you can choose in advance for delivery to your home, another address and time, or to a DHL ServicePoint. Convenient for you and contributes to a better environment. The app also provides various other features and advantages. Download the free app and take control of how we deliver your shipment.

In addition to indicating your delivery preference, you can also contribute by shipping with DHL Express, with our GoGreen Plus - Carbon Reduced service you reduce your CO2 emissions and contribute to the global fight against climate change.

As a sender, you can opt for our GoGreen Plus - Carbon Reduced service. This allows you to immediately reduce your CO2 emissions and shrink your carbon footprint.


Zero emission 2050

DHL is leading the way in improving sustainability in transportation and logistics. By innovating and increasing the efficiency of its logistics processes, DHL can dramatically reduce its impact on the environment. This also applies to inner cities! Over half of the express deliveries in many Dutch cities are now delivered by bicycle, as we deliver by bicycle where possible. By now, everyone will have heard of or seen our Parcycle, and we are increasingly using our Cubicycles.


Trees for All is the only foundation in the Netherlands with a CBF certification that makes it possible to compensate through sustainable forest projects. Each time someone enters their desired delivery method, we will double the resulting CO2 reduction and Trees for All will plant a tree in the Netherlands and a tree in Bolivia. Help us reach the target of 1,000 trees, to ensure that people can cycle through the forests in Limburg and Bolivia.

DHL Express app

Are you expecting a package or have you missed our courier? Then download the DHL Express Mobile app and discover the many possibilities:

  • Follow your package closely
  • Change the delivery with On Demand Delivery
  • Set your delivery preferences once
  • Or pay the required import duties and VAT