More than half of the express shipments in many Dutch cities are delivered by bicycle in the 'last mile'. We cycle where we can cycle. Where a package is too large for the bicycle, we use the delivery van or truck. In addition to the DHL Cycle and the Cubicycle, we have now introduced the Chariot cargo bike. The Chariot is completely 'dressed' according to the wishes of the couriers. This cargo bike is seen as the new industry standard for parcel delivery by bicycle and will replace DHL's existing cargo bikes. With these bicycles we contribute to cleaner air, we do not cause any nuisance to other traffic and we are a lot faster because we are never stuck in traffic jams or the morning rush hour. Our cargo bikes are a real Dutch innovation. It is therefore almost self-evident that DHL in the Netherlands – a cycling country par excellence – thinks along and helps to build innovative bicycles.

Electric Vans and Trucks

DHL Express already has many electric delivery vans in use and the first electric trucks have now been added. The electric truck was the first to be used in Rotterdam for the collection and delivery of larger shipments and will be further expanded in the coming period. Smaller shipments are still preferably transported by bicycle in the center.


From a small Cessna to the latest Boeing 777, DHL continuously invests in the best cargo aircraft. Our state-of-the-art aircraft reduce CO2 emissions by 18% compared to the old aircraft. With this we contribute directly to 'Zero Emissions 2050': our goal to reduce all logistics-related emissions to zero before 2050. But meanwhile we don't sit still; before 2030 we will use at least 30% sustainable aviation fuels. With the GoGreen Plus - Carbon Reduced service from DHL Express, you reduce your CO2 emissions and contribute to the global fight against climate change. Independent auditors annually verify the SAF procurement process to ensure transparency and precise measurement of CO2 reduction. Also, at least 60% of the fleet will be electric in delivery.
And with 'Alice' we are writing aviation history for a zero emissions future. Alice is Eviation's first all-electric aircraft and we have ordered 12 of these for our DHL Express air network. From 2024, your package will therefore fly even greener!